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A woman's sexual power.

I created this store to help women create confidence, we have gone through much oppression and repression, we have been forced to repress the wild womb, the dark moon pole of the feminine. This dark moon pole became demonized in the patriarchal era, when men became afraid of surrendering to a woman's sexual power.

The dark moon river is a time of initiation, of release,a dissolution of conditioned ways of being, to dive deeply into the great mystery of life.

Our primal feminine essence is wild, passionate, fiercely protective, fearless, magnetic, alluring, sensual and playful. Wild means not living in captivity, allowing all of yourself to be truly free, to be sensual, and without any shame. It is time we open our primal, deep, passionate "she wolf" energy, this powerful essence of a woman that opens to the deepest wisdom, freedom and power of love. Our feminine energy is completely sexual, magnetic and wild, without boundaries, able to overcome any obstacle and it has the power to radically transform the world, breaking through all the fears and allowing your life force to flow with a roar and deeply sensual shimmy.

Connecting with the wild energy that society has forbidden, shamed and suppressed is the balm for issues of self-love; developing personal power and boundaries; overcoming sexual shame held at a cellular level; patterns of self-sabotage; or past patterns of victimhood and feelings of hopelessness or despair. It is also the gateway to opening to deep pleasure, sexually and sensually, making love with life itself. It helps you magnetically attract bounty and abundance into your life, and gives you the power to follow your heart in every moment. How much pleasure are you ready to handle? This is the initiation the red river will flow you through. Orgasmic energy, pure pleasure, is the foundational energy of life, yet we block out and resist this cosmic gift, as our minds have been conditioned to deny and judge it.

We actually choose on a subconscious level to lead diminished lives; to go jobs that aren't fulfilling and sap our energy; to live in places we don't thrive in; to settle for lackluster relationships that don't inspire us; to blame all our woes on lack of money, lack of time, lack of opportunities, lack of support. Why? because we are terrified of the pleasure life is waiting to flow our way. Our receptive body has become shut down and withered.

Our inner BAD GIRL, our sexual siren is dangling the keys to freedom, with a wild glint in her eyes, taunting, "do you dare claim me?' It is the energy of fascination and danger, we are compelled and repelled by it at the same time. Men even more so; they see heaven and hell in the red river as it touches their deepest fears and desires to be totally overwhelmed in the feminine again, as they once were in the womb space.

Opening the doors to all the pleasure and sensuality we have locked away also means unleashing all the hidden grief and betrayal we feel around our sexuality. When women tap into their forbidden wild side again, mountains will move. Before that happens a huge explosion of anger needs to be danced with and embraced, and when we dare to tap in this pool of wild rage, we discover it contains our raw fire power, our wild, untamed, creative shakti potential.

The feminine face of God will guide you with her radical and powerful voice.

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